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Our volunteers

We have a fantastic team of volunteers helping to provide valuable skills across the area and you can meet the team below.

We’re always looking for new volunteers for a variety roles to help us support local Scouting.

Meet the Area team

Jake Dowson

DAYC - Growth & Development

Neil Wicks

AAC Funding and Assets

Ewan Chadwell

DAYC - International

Lara Condy

DAYC - Inclusion

Kathy Fletcher

DAYC - Inclusion

Emily Mabbett

DAYC - Activities

Sean Stacey

AAC International

Tomos Watkins

DAYC - Communications

Fran Feehan

Area Youth Commissioner

Joe Fletcher

Area Youth Commissioner

Cathie Steele

DAC Adult support / Training

Gillian Irwin

DC - Cardiff West

Andy Roberts

DC - Cardiff North

Carl Rogers

DC - Penarth

Chris Parsons

DC - Tir a Mor

Gareth Johns

AAC Communications

Steve Holmes

DC - Cardiff East

James John

AAC Activities

David Gerrard

AAC Relationships

Ruth Jordan

AAC International

Julian Jordan

Area Commissioner
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