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Good Service Award nominations

Good service awards

Recommendation process

The Area Awards Panel ensures a standard approach to awards across the Area and to support the application for higher awards in Scouting and National Awards.

The panel meet 4 times a year, closing dates for nominations are 14th March, 13th June, 12th September and 5th December.

The work of the panel is confidential and independent from the Area Management Team.

Make a recommendation

Panel Membership

The local awards panel is to be made up of 7 volunteers (One being under 25):

  • 1 from Cardiff East District
  • 1 from Cardiff North District
  • 1 from Cardiff West District
  • 1 from Penarth and District
  • 1 from Tir a Môr District
  • 2 from Cardiff and Vale Area, one of which would be Chairperson of the panel.

Nominations for Award panel membership will be made in June each year.

To ensure the independence of the panel the Area Commissioner and District Commissioners will not attend the meeting unless invited by the panel.

Each member of the panel should hold membership of at least Associate Membership level.


The panel is to:

  • Review and approve locally delegated awards for the Area Commissioner and District Commissioners.
  • Review and recommend for submission to National Level Higher awards.
  • Ensure support is provided to local Scouting regarding Reward and Recognition by supporting the writing of citations.
  • Ensure rules and procedures regarding Awards and Recognition of Service are followed.
  • On a six monthly basis, review the full list of Area members and if need suggest to the Area Commissioner and District Commissioners people the panel thinks should be put forward for awards.
  • Ensure the promotion of external awards and National Honours.

Work Practice

  • The panel will meet 4 times a year.
  • All nominations need to be electronic via online form by a line manager. No awards will be agreed without a completed form.
  • For those awards not submitted by Area or District Commissioner approval from them before the meeting will be checked.
  • The full list and citation will be circulated to the panel 7 days before the meeting.
  • The panel will meet to discuss and agree on the applications, also any work that needs to be done to improve the recommendation for national panel.
  • For locally awarded awards the Area Administrator will complete the process.
  • For National Awards the Area Administrator will compete the formal paperwork and get signed off by the Area Commissioner and submitted to Headquarters by: 31st March, 30th June, 31st  September and 16th  December

Agenda for Meetings

  • Review of nominations.
  • Agreement on locally Awards.
  • Agreement and assign of work to complete higher awards.
  • Review of possible awards suggestions to Commissioners (August and February meeting only).
  • Review and put forward ideas for Scout Cymru Awards (May meeting).
  • Review and agree on next Steps for National awards.

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